1 on 1 Tutoring


Now offering live 1 on 1 tutoring for $150/hr. By purchasing this item, you are purchasing a 1 hour live video session with me where I will personally help you with any of the following subject matter:

* Photoshop
* Illustrator
* InDesign
* Blender 3D

I have been using Photoshop for well over 10 years (since 2007) and can show you just about anything you’d want to know. I also have over 5 years of experience in Illustrator, InDesign and Blender 3D, and am happy to share my knowledge in those areas too. I can show you how to make logos, edit images, create layouts, model and texture things in Blender, or whatever it is you would like to learn.

After you purchase this product, email [email protected] to discuss your lesson. If your request is within my skill set, we will schedule a 1 on 1 live video session. If not, we will let you know and your purchase will be refunded.

This is not included in blkmarket.zip.